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China Social Work Project Fund

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Keswick Foundation (KF) has supported the development of social work education in mainland China for over 20 years.  Social Work is now one of the most popular courses in the country but teachers have very little practical experience.  The Master Social Work (China) Programme, taught by professors from Hong Kong Polytechnic University with support from Peking University, has trained over 230 social work educators across China.  Many of the graduates are now themselves acting as trainers to social work students, helping themselves and their students further understand the causes of social problems and develop intervention models.  They are also developing practice teaching, action research and practicum training in cities and rural areas.

In 2014, KF set up the China Social Work Project Fund to support the the social work educators.  Since then, there have been 18 social service projects in collaboration with universities and social service agencies.



Phase II (2016 – 2020)



Phase I (2014 – 2017)